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Our SaaS/Software Sales specialists have been recruiting within the sector since early 2010. Our knowledge and expertise within this sector is rare and almost unrivalled due to the ever-changing nature of the industry. We are aware of the nuances that are attached to the sector and we understand the drivers for the companies and candidates within it which means we can provide valuable insight.

SaaS/Software Sales requires a certain approach as there is huge diversity across the sub-sectors but the candidates can also be transferrable. Understanding the diversity and what makes the candidates relevant across different sectors is where we add real value.

We are equipped to deliver on a range of roles from Sales Development Representatives to Group Sales Directors and Account Executives to Heads of Account Management. Our experience allows us to succeed with Junior or Senior positions and Stand-alone or Multi-line Leadership roles. We work on the following opportunities within Business Services as an example:

Account Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Business Development Manager
Sales Executive
Internal Sales
Sales Development Representative
Head of Account Management
Head of Business Development

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